From the macro to the micro: analysis from the IES

Ruth Bowyer
October 2015
Despite it being their legal requirement, UK businesses are failing to undertake energy audits under the new ESOS scheme. Compliance will save them money and work towards fulfilling their corporate sustainability goals, so why are so few undertaking audits? And is the administrator of the scheme,...
Iain Cross, Alina Congreve
October 2015
Remarkably, MPs received more letters about bees from their constituents in August this year than any other issue – evidence that long-held concerns from scientists about the importance of ecosystem services are gaining ground in the public consciousness. Ecosystem services are no longer the ‘next...
Michael Groves
October 2015
environmental SCIENTIST | Our common urban future | August 2015
With cities generating around 80 per cent of global GDP, there is justifiable interest in the application of smart technologies that improve transport and urban services, resource efficiency and citizen engagement...
Martin Williams
From the archive
September 2015
As diesel emissions are now all over the news, thanks to the defeat device scandal which has been unearthed at Volkswagon in the USA (with implications for Europe also), we take a look back into the environmental SCIENTIST archive. For some time air quality scientists have been pointing out...
Robert Ashcroft
August 2015
August each year brings exam results for thousands of A-Level and GCSE students around the country. Our congratulations go out to all of those who have received their results, and with UCAS reporting record numbers of university places being accepted (since the cap on student numbers has been...
Adam Donnan
July 2015
Last month the IES published its annual membership survey.  The majority of the questions were seeking quantitative responses and these were included in the report. However, the survey also includes a number of free text boxes for members to comment on services and to make general comments on...


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