Joseph Lewis
March 2022

Upstream analysis: water policy in 2022

Read the latest IES briefing paper on water policy and other policy issues related to water resources and systems. With a number of critical policy developments in environmental governance, punctuated by the Environment Act 2021, there are multiple opportunities for positive engagement with policy by water scientists.

Read the full briefing

The briefing is intended for IES members to encourage awareness of relevant policy issues, support horizon scanning for environmental professionals, and identify opportunities to engage with decision makers and the public on emerging issues linked to water and the environmental sciences. Find out more about the topics covered in the briefing paper below.

Get more involved in water policy

Are you interested in getting more involved in water policy with the IES? Let us know how we can support water professionals as part of our work to stand up for the voice of science, scientists, and the natural world.

Throughout 2022, the IES will be carrying on its work to inform science-led policy decisions at all levels, and across all areas of environmental policy, including water and other natural systems.