Paul Nathanail
May 2023

Webinar: Emerging soil and water contaminants

soil with stones in it and overlaid text "Emerging soil and water contaminants in land contamination risk management, 16th May | 12.30-13.15 | Online"

Emerging contaminants, such as PFAS, are increasingly important considerations as we explore environmental risk and consider the future of scientific approaches to the environment.

In this webinar, Paul Nathanail describes the characteristics of emerging contaminants of concern, explores how our existing policy and technical tools can deal with them, and provides reassurance that the UK approach to contaminated land management is comprehensive and robust enough to ensure that new development is safe and that unacceptable risk to current land use is identified and dealt with. As well as delving into why most PFAS are rightly considered "emerging", while some are not, Paul explores other emerging substances of concern to ensure that, at the very least, Preliminary Risk Assessments consider them.

This event was organised as part of the IES's Future of ES23 horizon scanning & foresight project