Martin Westwood
August 2018

Webinar: Land & Groundwater Remediation Options & Scoping

Model Procedures provide a framework for making decisions about land contamination risks and are a useful resource which offer a lot of detail leading up to, and after, remediation. The remediation stage is often a significant and complicated financial commitment for any project, however the design and delivery of a project gets minimal attention in CLR11. There is a wealth of guidance on specific remediation techniques, some of which is outdated. Therefore, the process can be fraught with uncertainty and a lack of evidence on how the remediation strategy was developed can lead to a lack of confidence in it. This process needs to be open and transparent and stakeholders need to be fully engaged throughout the entire process.

During this webinar, Martin presents an overview and worked examples of the process when undertaken in accordance with best practice principals.

Martin's presentation slides are available for you to view on our SlideShare account.