Joseph Lewis & Ethny Childs
November 2021

What we need from COP26

COP26 has been a motivator for widespread increases in climate ambition, including from some of the largest polluters. Now that COP26 is upon us, it is imperative that these aspirations are met with urgent and effective action which translates ambitions and commitments into comprehensive action plans that will deliver on our climate goals and international agreements. To ensure the success of COP26 negotiations, strong leadership is vital to drive forward the transformative change needed.

This is why, on the first day of the World Leaders' Summit, we are releasing our key recommendations for what COP26 needs to deliver, along with overarching principles needed for effective climate leadership. These recommendations address all five presidency themes as well as other key topics, such as the circular economy, empowerment, and the importance of science and innovation for finding solutions. 

This document has been prepared as part of our final stage in our STAGES on the road to COP26: Solutions.