From the macro to the micro: analysis from the IES

Jonathan Turner; Jenna Edgar
March 2013

The ODA and LOCOG set themselves tough sustainability targets for the delivery of Games. These infographics demonstrate how far they got in achieving those targets. 

These images are taken from the February 2012 edition of the ...

Emma Fenton
Discussion paper
February 2013

The investigation into Part 2a of the Environmental Protection Act has thrown up a number of different viewpoints on the reasons for the apparent non-uniformity of designation across the UK. The IES has received technical opinions from Justin Taberham, Technical Policy Director at CIWEM and also...

Emma Fenton
Discussion paper
February 2013

This report serves as a follow-up to the report on open access that was produced by the IES in July 2012. It will investigate the principles and practice of data sharing as part of the open access movement within the publishing industry.


Emma Fenton
January 2013

Justin Taberham is Director of Policy at CIWEM. He shares his thoughts on Part 2A of the EPA below.

Under Part 2A land is Contaminated when either Significant Harm (SH) or the Significant Possibility of Significant Harm (SPOSH) or the Pollution of Controlled Waters...

Emma Fenton
January 2013

As part of the IES' ongoing exploration of the use of Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act we asked Robin Graham, Contaminated Land Officer from South Ribble Borough Council to share his opinions of the legislation. This...

Phil Holmes
December 2012

As part of the IES' commitment to creating original, though-provoking content, research and commentary relevant to the environmental science sector, we have launched a new Analysis section of the website. This new platform is aimed at members and other interested readers and will help...


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