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22 November 2022

COP27: Wrap-up & Outcomes

earth from space with lights across Europe

The UN's COP27 climate summit has now concluded. A significant global effort has been made to conduct negotiations in the interest of addressing climate change from a range of perspectives. At the same time, the IES and its communities have been working to support transformative change, while also engaging the public and our wider community from an interdisciplinary perspective.

This article summarises just some of the work that the IES has been involved in over the past two weeks since the start of COP27.

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Outcomes of COP27

COP27 produced mixed results from an environmental perspective. For the first time, meaningful progress is being made on loss and damage, with a small but not insignificant amount of funding. Key developments on adaptation such as the Sharm-El-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda and the Global Shield Against Climate Risks have the potential to wake up global resilience efforts to the reality of the adaptation challenge needed. Those two issues will be crucial to ensuring that the world can work together to combat climate change without compromising the possibility of a just transition.

At the same time, mitigation of climate change must see a drastic increase in ambitions for our efforts to be meaningful. Where COP26 opened the door for countries to ratchet-up NDCs on an annual basis, COP27 has not successfully turned that opportunity into a ritual. Some positive initiatives around COP27 have helped the mitigation agenda, but more will be needed to capitalise on those opportunities for meaningful progress towards net zero in 2023.

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