From the macro to the micro: analysis from the IES

Robert Ashcroft
April 2018

In February, the Government published a consultation paper entitled Health and Harmony: the future for food, farming and the environment in a Green Brexit. This paper outlines the Government’s vision for post-CAP agricultural and environmental land management policy and seeks to collect the...

Stephanie Wray
March 2018

Science communication is a skill that many scientists find difficult, but it's one of the most important. Many experts struggle to simplify their own knowledge and make it digestible for people to understand. It is crucial that science is accessible, especially when aiming for specific...

Dr David Viner, Anna Tuddenham
March 2018

With global temperatures rising, acute weather events are presenting a fundamental challenge to societies and businesses around the world. Climate change poses an increasing threat to global social and economic infrastructure. Climate resilience is the capacity of a system to absorb...

Simon Eden, Patricia Gill
March 2018

environmental SCIENTIST | Challenging perceptions in land condition | February 2018

The mention of asbestos often strikes fear in the thoughts of many people, including professionals in the construction industry, their clients, and members of the general public....

Adam Donnan
February 2018

When a new member joins the IES they sign up to the Institution’s Code of Conduct. Members are bound by this Code for the duration of their membership and the expectation is that they are familiar with, and understand, its content and implications.

There is a mechanism by which...

Will Pope
February 2018

This webinar is the first part of our new webinar series 'Entrepreneurship in the Environment' which will explore the culture and attitudes around entrepreneurship in the environmental science sector. Over the coming months, we will hear from a range of successful entrepreneurs, who have...


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