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Robert Ashcroft
December 2014

Over the past few years, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has been keen to highlight investment in science as a “personal priority” (as reiterated in his Autumn...

Richard Broadbent
December 2014
In a fascinating webinar, Richard Broadbent of Natural England, discussed the idea of the scientific method and how the resultant concepts of scientific confidence and uncertainity influenced the legal concept of the Precautionary Principle upon which EU environmental policy is based....
Robert Ashcroft
Discussion paper
November 2014

Our latest energy factsheet looks at the generation of wind energy.  It is widely accepted that to combat climate change we need to increase the proportion of renewables in our energy mix, but windfarm developments can be highly controversial, whether on- or offshore.

The UK is now the...

Robert Ashcroft
November 2014

In putting together his College of Commissioners, new Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has been making some significant early changes in structure and focus.  In the second post of our blog series on The end of a green Europe?, we examine the new Commission structure, and...

Enda Hayes and Damian Crilly
November 2014

environmental SCIENTIST | Water Security | October 2014

Although the global population growth rate is declining, the global population count is continuing to increase and is expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050, with an estimated 70 per cent living in towns and...

Dominic Sheldon
Discussion paper
October 2014

The latest addition to our series of energy factsheets looks at a method not of energy generation, but for the disposal of waste products from the burning of fossil fuels: carbon capture and storage (CCS).  CCS involves capturing Carbon dioxide released from the burning of fossil fuels,...


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