From the macro to the micro: analysis from the IES

Robert Ashcroft
May 2015

At the start of the last parliament, David Cameron claimed that the coalition would be ‘the greenest government ever’. Over the course of the parliament, this claim was frequently tested by environmental...

Amy Woodget
May 2015

The use of drones has become one of the latest hot topics within the media, with reports covering everything from their sometimes controversial military applications, to their position at the forefront of the latest Christmas toy craze. Perhaps less frequently publicised is the potential of...

Robert Ashcroft
Discussion paper
April 2015

As the 7th May draws closer, the General Election campaign is nearing its end. However, so far it seems that we've heard relatively little from the prospective candidates and party leaders about their environmental policies. Environmental issues have generally been eclipsed in debate by the...

Dustin Benton and Jonny Hazell
April 2015

environmental SCIENTIST | New materials and the circular economy | March 2015

The circular economy has become a hot topic for business leaders in Europe over the last three years. Spurred by a resource price shock following the financial crisis, many companies are...

Robert Ashcroft
Discussion paper
February 2015

In the last of our series of factsheets on energy generation technologies we look at solar photovoltaics (PV).

Although there are some exceptions, solar energy generation is fairly uncontroversial in the UK. Nevertheless, despite the widely recognised need to increase the proportion of...

Robert Ashcroft
January 2015

Since 1997 all local authorities have been carrying out reviews and assessments of air quality. If this monitoring highlights areas where the national air quality objectives...


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