From the macro to the micro: analysis from the IES

Gary Kass
July 2019

Systems pervade the natural, societal and technological worlds – from bee swarms to traffic jams; natural to industrial ecosystems; and underpinning pervasive issues, from climate change to obesity.

Addressing environmental issues requires a move from linear and siloed thinking to ways of...

Linsey Cottrell and Paddy Fowler
June 2019

Switch your search engine

Ecosia is an alternative to the main leader in search engines. Profits from your searches are used to plant trees – what’s not to like! A counter appears with every search to keep track of your impact.

Estimate your carbon...
Adam Donnan
May 2019

Has your Chartership application been sat on your desk for too long? Unsure which Chartership is right for you?

As a licensed body, we provide our members with two routes to becoming a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) or Chartered Scientist (CSci), either through our...

Paddy Fowler
May 2019

Our annual membership survey not only collects quantitative responses, but also gives members a chance to provide written feedback on our membership services.

Once we've summarised the numerical results (Membership Survey report), the Project Office discusses the written...

Emma Ferranti, James Levine & Rob MacKenzie
April 2019

environmental SCIENTIST | Right Tree • Right Place | March 2019

Emma Ferranti, James Levine and Rob MacKenzie explain the role of vegetation for air quality management in our cities. 


John Morris
April 2019

environmental SCIENTIST | Right Tree • Right Place | March 2019

John Morris explores the environmental archaeology and current challenges of these important ecosystems.

The Chiltern Hills stretch across four counties, from Goring in...


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