From the macro to the micro: analysis from the IES

Dr Rhys Archer
September 2023

SAMHE (Schools Air quality Monitoring for Health and Education) is an indoor air quality research project funded by EPSRC that utilises Citizen Science methods to co-design, collect and analyse data on classroom air quality.

SAMHE is aiming to have indoor air quality monitors in...

Professor Colin Moffat
September 2023
View of blue sea with water ripples from a moving boat not shown.

In this event, we heard from Professor Colin Moffat who shared details of the Scottish Government's Blue Economy approach for the management of the marine environment. Colin also discussed The OSPAR Convention's recent commitment to accounting for natural capital and ecosystem...

Nick King
September 2023

Increasing environmental degradation has caused several complex and interlinked challenges affecting the entire planet, including climate change, biodiversity loss, and widespread environmental pollution. Their interaction has given rise to the term 'Polycrisis' as a way of understanding the...

Joseph Lewis & Ellie Savage
August 2023
Climate protest and research laboratory with three red lines between them

Since the first environmental movements were formed, they have always had an interdependent relationship with science, drawing on scientific insights to drive environmental action.

Over time, while the core link between environmental science and environmental activists has remained, the...

Ethny Childs & Joseph Lewis
August 2023
sunrise with aesthetic pile of rocks and overlaid text "Regulatory Landscape: Future of ES23 Wrap-up"

For the past few months, the IES has been delving deeper into the future of environmental science as part of our Future of ES23 horizon scanning & foresight project, the third theme of which has been looking at 'the Regulatory Landscape' of the environmental sector. 


Paul Nathanail & Shaun Grey
August 2023

environmental SCIENTIST | Unearthing global megatrends in land condition | September 2023

Paul Nathanail and Shaun Grey explain the difficulties of remediating sites affected by these complex chemicals.



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