From the macro to the micro: analysis from the IES

Christine McHugh
September 2022

The World Health Organization (WHO) published revised Air Quality Guidelines (AQGs) for pollutants in ambient air in September 2021. The guidelines for particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are substantially lower than the previous (2005) guidelines; the updated long-term (...

Nicola Harries & Rory Devlin
September 2022

Our Land Condition Early Career Network (ECN) provides tailored CPD opportunities for land condition professionals at the start of their career. The Network provides a forum for exploring topical issues in the sector, connecting with fellow professionals and developing skills and knowledge....

Ian Taylor
September 2022

As this is likely to be your first job, at least in the environmental sciences, you want to write a CV that will get you noticed – and get you an interview – in the absence of relevant work experience. If you’re a graduate looking to secure a job in any field, it can be tricky; it’s always a...

Joseph Lewis
August 2022

The land we live on affects our environment in ways which are increasingly important to environmental policy. Land use has direct implications for the interlinking climate and biodiversity crises, as well as for a range of environmental, social, and economic goals. As we engage in key...

Jan Stannard
August 2022

Rewilding is fast becoming a mainstream practice for managing land for nature recovery in the UK, alongside traditional conservation which still plays a vital role. There are already 72 rewilding sites and 19 rewilding groups around the country. Rewilding has its origins in the United States, so...

Ethny Childs
August 2022
Image of a crane

On the 18th July the EIA Community met for its latest debate to discuss the transition from the EIA stage of a project to the construction stage. The event featured three expert presentations which are discussed below.  

Bridging the gap between EIAs and construction 



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