From the macro to the micro: analysis from the IES

Ethny Childs & Rhiannon Humphreys
June 2020
Why work in the environmental sector?  

The environmental sector is at the forefront of addressing global challenges, with environmental professionals and scientists playing an integral role in the transition to a sustainable society. This sense of purpose gives those working in the...

Joseph Lewis & Danielle Kopecky
From the archive
June 2020

Last week, the IES set out five principles for the UK’s recovery from COVID, one of which was our long-standing commitment to policies founded on scientific evidence. In line with that commitment, we’re taking the opportunity to look back at a 2011 discussion with our now-President, Sir...

Joseph Lewis
June 2020

As the world begins to move on from the immediate response to COVID, the question of what the recovery will look like has become increasingly important. By now, the calls for a green recovery have grown into a burgeoning consensus, and we are left with a question of not if, but how, the UK...

Dan Ward
June 2020

Serious and increasingly frequent environmental concerns emerged in the mid-20th century, igniting the beginnings of Environmental Science as a profession. As the profession has grown, so too has the need for more data, and the number of scientists required to collect and analyse these data...

Steph Nichols
June 2020

Traditionally, soil remediation is achieved by excavation and removal for off-site disposal. Often referred to as ‘dig and dump’, the very use of the phrase indicates that it’s a wasteful methodology.

Whilst, the use of dig and dump appeared to slow through the 2000s due to increasing...

Dan Ward
May 2020

The IES are now signatories to the Pledge to Net Zero initiative. Our team have been hard at work collecting data needed to calculate our current greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These data cover as many aspects of our operations as we can accurately determine across all three scopes as defined...


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