From the macro to the micro: analysis from the IES

Joseph Lewis
December 2020

Yesterday, hundreds of people came together at the IES’ annual Burntwood Lecture #Burntwood2020 to listen to this year’s guest speaker, Professor Jim Skea of IPCC Working Group III and Professor of Sustainable Energy at Imperial College London. Professor Skea kicked off the event with a short...

Serena Murdoch, Henry Webb & Jude Daniel Smith
December 2020

environmental SCIENTIST | The value of an environmental science education | November 2020

Serena Murdoch, Henry Webb and Jude Daniel Smith summarise the changes that are needed across the whole education system....

Timo Maas
November 2020

Global environmental assessments play an important role in environmental governance. They synthesise advancing scientific knowledge to provide insight in causes and consequences of environmental change, as well as possible solutions. To retain their value for environmental governance in the...

Stuart Capstick
November 2020

This keynote speech from invited external expert Dr Stuart Capstick was delivered at the IAQM AGM 2020. He discusses the public understanding and risk perception of climate change and air pollution, the relevance of behaviours and everyday practices for tackling climate change and air...

Vicki Hird
November 2020

This is a period of huge change and uncertainty when it comes to future farm and related environment policy. Whilst there is a new Agriculture Bill and Environment Bill in development – the former almost done, the latter woefully delayed  - the regulations, support schemes, advice and wider...

Society for the Environment & IES
October 2020

The Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) professional registration demonstrates that you hold the relevant environmental and sustainability skills within your profession at a Chartered level. But what are Chartered level skills for an environmental professional? And, if I do have them in my locker...


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