From the macro to the micro: analysis from the IES

William Bateman
October 2019

Coastal erosion is a growing global problem, driven by more frequent and increasingly intense storms, leading to a loss of land, and infrastructure, and also higher flood risks. Coral reefs are great natural barriers that already protect millions of people and provide essential habitats for...

Paul Nathanail & Roger Clark
October 2019

The Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC) qualification is awarded to practitioners who are chartered (or equivalent) members of professional bodies who have demonstrated, in writing and interview, that they have the depth of skills and breadth of experience to take a leading role in...

Darren Lumbroso
October 2019
The impact of a changing climate on the severity of flooding has been demonstrated by a number of studies over the past decade. Increasing communities and critical infrastructure's resilience to flooding under a changing climate requires the implementation of a portfolio of measures; ranging from...
Tom Wakeford
September 2019

environmental SCIENTIST | The new radicalism in environmental engagement | July 2019

Tom Wakeford discusses how engagement from the ground up provides a platform that values local cultural knowledge once cast aside by traditional scientism...

Prof. Vybarr Cregan-Reid
September 2019

In the last two hundred years, humans have made such a tremendous impact on the world that our geological epoch is about to be declared the 'Anthropocene', or the Age of Man. But while we have been busy changing the shape of the world, the ways of living that we have been fashioning have, as if...

Blaise Kelly
August 2019

Almost every week, more and more evidence emerges of the health effects of air pollution. In an effort to tackle this, cities across Europe are discussing “Clean Air Zones” (CAZs), with a primary focus on Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) concentrations. A potential consequence, not readily communicated to...


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