From the macro to the micro: analysis from the IES

Gavin Harper
November 2022

With the growing number of electric vehicles on the roads, the question looms - what to do with the batteries when these vehicles reach the end of life? This webinar will explore the pathways to a circular economy of electric vehicle batteries, considering the reuse and recycling of lithium-ion...

Matt Whitney
November 2022

Much of the talk at COP27 was around green finance – how to get money working for the benefit of the natural environment and the climate. In this talk, Matt Whitney outlined a model for leveraging green finance at the county-level to deliver against local strategic objectives. Biodiversity Net...

Tom MacMillan
November 2022

What will be eating in future? Will it be lab-grown burgers, conservation-grazed beef, intensive chicken or less of all these? Most plausible pathways to tackling climate change entail us eating less meat. But is all meat equal – pork or lamb, British or imported, indoor, free range or organic?...

Eloise Marais
November 2022

The space sector is anticipated to grow rapidly, but the industry lacks environmental regulation to mitigate potential negative impacts on climate and the ozone layer that protects us from the Sun’s harmful rays.

This webinar discussed a 3D model that provides a comprehensive...

Kirsty Park, Ben McCarthy and Jim Harris
November 2022
Meadow with wild flowers and hay bales

environmental SCIENTIST | Ecosystem restoration: Securing biodiversity, complexity and resilience | September 2022

Kirsty Park, Ben McCarthy and Jim Harris examine the drivers and challenges of setting and achieving...

Joseph Lewis & Ethny Childs
November 2022
woman standing at the end of a path admiring a view of mountains

A year ago, COP26 was supposed to be a make-or-break moment for climate action. As the Institution for Environmental Sciences published its Manifesto for Transformative Change, we said that the decisions we make “will decide the stories we tell to generations to come about the fight against...


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