From the macro to the micro: analysis from the IES

Honor Puciato & Eirini Karagiann
December 2023

In the realm of emissions reporting, numerous frameworks cater to organisations' needs for disclosing their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. However, an important gap persists - the absence of a structured framework for organisations to report on their air pollution emissions. Adding to this...

Pete Smith, Matthew Ling and Brigette Reid
December 2023
Photograph of coastal mangroves at sunset with pink clouds

Reflecting on the discussions at COP28, it is important to remember the interlinked nature of the climate and biodiversity crises. Addressing these issues holistically will be dependent on developing solutions with multiple benefits for both nature and climate adaptation and mitigation. ...

Judy Ling Wong CBE; Professor Mark Everard
December 2023
Leaves on a tree with overlaid text: "IES long read: different ways of knowing and being: two perspectives"

Science has historically played a key role in the curation of knowledge and understandings about the world, particularly in western society. That role comes with a significant degree of power, but also an often overlooked mandate to handle that position of authority responsibly.


Ethny Childs
December 2023
Overhead view of the ocean with a wave 2/3 of the way across. Superimposed with text reading "Blue Carbon: wrap-up. #IESTurningTheTide." Bottom right corner features the IES and UN Ocean Decade logos.

The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science has been hosting discussions at this year’s COP28 on ocean climate solutions, with the aim to promote the role of science, media, technology and education to achieve ocean solutions for climate action and sustainable development. 


Lucy Rowland
December 2023
small bird sitting on microphone outdoors

Traditional ways of monitoring the species around us will always be of vital importance to ecological surveyors. Taking into account the sounds and sights in the field, experienced surveyors – ornithologists in particular – are experts at work, drawing on their extensive education, skills and...

Wanda Bodnar and Amy Pryor
December 2023
View of the Thames Estuary showing a boat in the top left corner and a view of London skyscapers in the distance in the top right corner.

In this event, we heard from Wanda Bodnar and Amy Pryor from the Thames Estuary Partnership (TEP). Wanda first provided an overview of the natural history and ecology of the Thames Estuary in the last 200 years, summarising the reasons for its decline and recovery in the past, its...


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