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Various authors
October 2021

environmental SCIENTIST | Animal migration | October 2021

Anna Forbes, Oli Back, Mia Ridler, Jess Mead, Joe Pecorelli and Wanda Bodnar outline the latest initiatives to improve the future of the European eel...

Ethny Childs
October 2021

In the run-up to COP26, the IES has been hosting a number of discussions and events exploring six key themes in our STAGES on the road to COP26. 

We have just wrapped up the latest theme: Economy. For this penultimate stage we have been looking into questions of economic...

Paul Eijssen and Tom Moekotte
October 2021

In 2016 Royal HaskoningDHV took the initiative (with support of the Dutch Ministry) to conduct a pilot project to create the first digital interactive Environmental Impact Statement. Now, more than four years later, a variety of project examples are available that have started to apply a digital...

Ashish Sharma
October 2021
Photo of a woman and her child on a speeding motorbike.

Air pollution exposure to young children is a serious concern globally since they are the most vulnerable to the health effects of traffic-related air pollution. In 2017, UNICEF revealed that almost 17 million children, younger than 1 year old, live in severely affected regions of the world...

Dr Eleanor Reed and Chris Stapleton
October 2021
Photo of land, half is muddy soil, half is fresh healthy grass.

This webinar was held in collaboration with the British Society of Soil Science, which explored how Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) can promote and support soil health.

There is increasing recognition of the vital role of healthy soils in promoting healthy ecosystems and...

Professor Julian M Allwood
October 2021

Ahead of the UN’s COP26 climate change conference, there have been calls and commitments from governments, international organisations, and think-tanks to phase out coal, starting with the power system, in order to mitigate the effects of climate change and meet net zero commitments.



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