From the macro to the micro: analysis from the IES

Joseph Lewis, Ethny Childs
November 2023
chemical pollution of the environment

This article is taken from 'Transforming the planet: Our vision for the future of environmental science', which sets out a vision for the role of environmental science in facilitating the transition to a sustainable society.

With the long-awaited UK Chemicals Strategy yet to be published...

Peter Watson
November 2023

Invasive and non-native species such as Japanese Knotweed or Giant Hogweed are typically species that are likely to cause ecological, social or economic harm in a setting outside their native range. They can alter and degrade the environment, reduce biodiversity, affect hydrology, impact land...

Andrew Pullin and Dave Stone
November 2023

This webinar introduced some of the FREE services that CEE provides to evidence users and decision makers in the environmental sector. Areas covered included the importance of evidence synthesis in setting the scene for more efficient and effective further funding, using CEE standards for...

Marsha Jackson
November 2023
A Google Maps birds eye image of Shingle Mountain in 2020.

environmental SCIENTIST | Seeking Natural Justice | September 2023

Marsha Jackson recounts her fight for environmental justice for her community and proves that grassroots activism can bring about change.

In the heart of the US city of...

Caitlín Comins
November 2023
Environmental whistleblowing toolkit banner

Fly tipping, oil spills, illegal burning of waste, agricultural runoffs, methane gas leaks, bribery and fraud: whistleblowers have a key role to play in preventing environmental damage. The Government certainly seemed cognisant of this when it introduced whistleblowing legislation 25 years ago,...

Martin Broderick
November 2023

This webinar provides an overview of how techniques in the use of machine learning artificial intelligence can analyse remote sensing data and subsequently generate environmental insights to support effective land management at a scale that historically would not have been possible. Ramboll and...


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