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Rob Paris
February 2020

Crossrail is delivering a new railway to add 10% to central London’s rail capacity. When complete, the Elizabeth line will offer a high frequency, high capacity service linking 41 stations over 100 kilometers transforming travel in London and the South East. 

In this webinar Rob...

Kimberley Thomas
January 2020

environmental SCIENTIST | Reframing and responding to natural disasters | December 2019

Kimberley Thomas challenges over-simplified approaches that frame climate change as the only relevant stressor on socio-ecological systems. ...

Bernard Fisher
January 2020

Bernard Fisher, the newly appointed first President of the IAQM, opens the IAQM 2020 webinar series with a talk about the EMEP (European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme).

In this talk, Bernard presents estimates of the number of premature deaths per year in the UK...

Phil Taylor
November 2019

Scotland's inshore seas have suffered significant declines through the 20th century, and we are now at a point where the fisheries that remain target the limited shellfish which are fished for in ways that are highly damaging to the integrity of the marine ecosystem. In 2015 a network of Marine...

Nigel Burton
November 2019

environmental SCIENTIST | The search for tranquility | October 2019

Nigel Burton explains the way that sound is used to increase bat safety around large infrastructure projects. 

High Speed 2 (HS2) is a high-speed railway that is...
William Bateman
October 2019

Coastal erosion is a growing global problem, driven by more frequent and increasingly intense storms, leading to a loss of land, and infrastructure, and also higher flood risks. Coral reefs are great natural barriers that already protect millions of people and provide essential habitats for...


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