From the macro to the micro: analysis from the IES

Joseph Lewis & Ethny Childs
November 2022
woman standing at the end of a path admiring a view of mountains

A year ago, COP26 was supposed to be a make-or-break moment for climate action. As the Institution for Environmental Sciences published its Manifesto for Transformative Change, we said that the decisions we make “will decide the stories we tell to generations to come about the fight against...

Katie Dawson
November 2022

This webinar explores the use of a GIS tool to digitally manage Biodiversity Net Gain calculations. In addition to the calculations themselves, the tool can be used to analyse individual parcels of land as well as how it contributes to the bigger picture of the project and the calculations. This...

Susanne Underwood
November 2022

This webinar introduces Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and its role in supporting the net zero agenda. 

This webinar covers:

1.    The SEA process and how it relates to achieving net zero

2.    The challenges to addressing...

Kent Wildlife Trust
November 2022

This webinar explores Kent Wildlife Trust's approach to integrating Nature-based Solutions finance in delivering nature recovery - including the stackability of mandated (Biodiversity Net Gain/Nutrient Neutrality) and voluntary schemes (Wilder Carbon). 

About Kent...

Simon Spooner
November 2022

The real reason for our climate crisis is not fossil fuels or greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions …. they are just symptoms of our addiction to using combustion chambers that power our industrial society. Each of us own combustion systems and value the services of heat, power and mobility that they...

Ethny Childs
November 2022

How will climate change legislation impact air quality? What are the interactions between air quality and climate change? Join us for the next IAQM webinar exploring these questions in more detail. We will be joined by expert speakers Richard Maggs and Kathryn Woolley.

This presentation...


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