From the macro to the micro: analysis from the IES

Gary Kass
November 2018

At its heart, this book looks to set out an approach to science and practice that can “transform society towards greater sustainability”. This is very much in keeping with the approach that we champion within the IES.

Ariane König, from the University of Luxembourg, has edited this multi-...

Ken Rubin
October 2018

environmental SCIENTIST | Issues for the marine environment | October 2018

Earth is a restless planet, constantly renewing its surface by one or another geological or hydrological process, with the added impacts of human activities. Volcanism is one of the most...

Chloe Fletcher
October 2018


This summer, the IES launched a new designation for environmental professionals, Registered Environmental Technician (REnvTech). The award is open to technicians and technical staff working across the breadth of environmental science, whether that be in academia, government,...
Kat Bruce
October 2018

This webinar series explores the culture and attitudes around entrepreneurship in the environmental science sector. Over the last few months, we have heard from a range of successful entrepreneurs, who have pioneered innovated and grown businesses in the sector. Our speakers have...

Susan Jay
September 2018

In this webinar, Susan Jay Circular Economy Technical Specialist at Wrap, explores the role of plastic in current society and how existing recycling and reprocessing infrastructure can be improved and enhanced to capture and recycle more plastic waste, avoiding escape into the environment....

Jonathan Larwood
September 2018

In hardback this is literally a weighty tome. It has been travelling with me for some time as I have dipped into it, and I’m now pleased to lighten my load as I complete this review, and place it amongst my useful reference books.

What a challenge the ‘Practical Handbook of Earth...


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