From the macro to the micro: analysis from the IES

Marsha Jackson
November 2023
A Google Maps birds eye image of Shingle Mountain in 2020.

environmental SCIENTIST | Seeking Natural Justice | September 2023

Marsha Jackson recounts her fight for environmental justice for her community and proves that grassroots activism can bring about change.

In the heart of the US city of...

Caitlín Comins
November 2023
Environmental whistleblowing toolkit banner

Fly tipping, oil spills, illegal burning of waste, agricultural runoffs, methane gas leaks, bribery and fraud: whistleblowers have a key role to play in preventing environmental damage. The Government certainly seemed cognisant of this when it introduced whistleblowing legislation 25 years ago,...

Martin Broderick
November 2023

This webinar provides an overview of how techniques in the use of machine learning artificial intelligence can analyse remote sensing data and subsequently generate environmental insights to support effective land management at a scale that historically would not have been possible. Ramboll and...

Fazilette Khan
November 2023
A logo with a black dolphin against a white background, with the words GreenSeas Trust in blue writing across the image.

Due to coverage in the media and increased public awareness over the last decade, it’s not surprising that most people have heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. A part of the Pacific Ocean characterised by its vast accumulation of plastic waste, it covers an area three times the size of...

Zoë Frogbrook
November 2023
A graphic image with a blue background, with the words 'Bin the Wipe' and an image of a hand placing a wipe in a bathroom bin.

Zoë Frogbrook, Head of Environment and Sustainability at Northumbrian Water Group, explains how their successful ‘Bin the Wipe’ campaign has helped reduce blockages in wastewater systems.

We hear it all the time: a small change makes a big difference, but in organisations that have a...

Jonathan Morley and Francesca Caggiano
October 2023

Flooding and drainage are highly topical issues in the UK at the moment and are key considerations under the planning regime. Flood risk can often constrain the type and scale of development that will be permitted at a site.

This webinar helped us to understand how sites interact with...


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