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Blaise Kelly
August 2019

Almost every week, more and more evidence emerges of the health effects of air pollution. In an effort to tackle this, cities across Europe are discussing “Clean Air Zones” (CAZs), with a primary focus on Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) concentrations. A potential consequence, not readily communicated to...

Paddy Fowler, Hilary Geoghegan, Carl Stevenson, Hannah King
August 2019

Paddy Fowler speaks to Hilary Geoghegan, Carl Stevenson and Hannah King about NERC-funded public engagement and the role engagement plays in environmental science research.

Would you be able to give some details about the NERC public engagement funding project?

Hannah King (HK):...

Jack Shore
August 2019

In this webinar Jack Shore, District Manager of UK and Scandinavia at Regenesis, explores the complexities of a case study at an industrial site in Scotland. High concentrations, including DNAPL, of mixed chlorinated solvents (TCA and TCE) were present in the groundwater under an...

Blaise Kelly
August 2019

How does indoor and outdoor CO2 affect us? Blaise Kelly explores the impact of CO2 levels looking back to pre-industry levels and towards the potential future worst-case scenario.

Gary Kass
July 2019

Systems pervade the natural, societal and technological worlds – from bee swarms to traffic jams; natural to industrial ecosystems; and underpinning pervasive issues, from climate change to obesity.

Addressing environmental issues requires a move from linear and siloed thinking to ways of...

Linsey Cottrell and Paddy Fowler
June 2019

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Estimate your carbon...


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